We are ... 

a leading, innovative and market-oriented company in the woodworking industry.



Founded in 1948 by company founder Josef Rettenmeier senior, who has been part of the Bremerhavener Cordes Group since 2015, our company has an impressive past. A small sawmill in Wört, about 7 km from the company headquarters in Wilburgstetten today, has become one of the largest woodworking companies in Europe, with 1600 employees at six European locations.


Much has changed during the company's more than 70 years of history, but not our fundamental beliefs. One of these is that in all decisions, the raw material must always be the maxim of the business. The sustainable geographical, quantitative and qualitative, seasonal, short and long-term availability of the raw material must not only be taken into account in every decision in the company, but must, as the basis for those decisions, also make a significant contribution to its success.

Aligning all processes in the company to the availability of the right raw material at the right time for the right product is the cornerstone of our success and mission statement of our business

Our six locations in five different geographical locations are no coincidence. Rather, the idea is to have access to different qualities, quantities and wood types in order to meet the requirements of our customers for every product and in every respect. In doing so, we always strive to generate the value chain from the round timber purchase to the finished end product itself and thus be able to supply our customers with everything from a single source - everything from rettenmeier®.