added value cycle

Our production is one of the main parts of our workflow and is responsible for the quality of our rettenmeier® products.


100% added value


Most of the raw material processed in our factories grew up in our forests for 80-100 years. By removing the tree trunk from the forest, we take responsibility for ensuring that this raw material is used in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We live up to this responsibility by adding 100% of the tree to value creation and thus creating a completely closed value creation cycle.

We respect our valuable raw material wood and our environment. A complete and resource-saving value chain shapes our holistic rettenmeier® production flow.



Sustainable forestry

Our raw material comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. Short transport routes and environmentally friendly logistics are our priority.

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rettenmeier® sawmill

Our sawmills are the heart of our company. This is where our excellent rettenmeier® premium goods are made from natural raw materials. With optimized cutting patterns, we achieve maximum yield in order to generate the maximum added value from each tree.


The sawn timber produced in the sawmill is then subjected to further value creation in our numerous refining systems. This is how rough-sawn, planed or impregnated slats, planed goods, profiled timber, decking, solid wood panels and much more are created.

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Biomass power plant

We also operate biomass power plants in most of our locations, in which we convert the bark from our production into useful, CO2-neutral heat. Part of this energy dries our wood and the other part we generate green electricity, which we feed into the public grid.

rettenmeier® bio-fuels

No chip is left behind. The sawing by-products (wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings) generated during the sawing and planing process are used to produce wood briquettes and pellets. These are CO2-neutral energy sources, because when they are burned they only release as much CO2 as the trees absorbed while they were growing.