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rettenmeier® association work


Association work

At rettenmeier®, we are versatile and effective in the industry and also work with a large number of associations and institutions. Our CEO, Dr Stephan Lang, not only represents the interests of the wood industry as a member of the board of the Deutschen Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e.V. (DeSH), but is also the German representative on the board of the European Organization of Sawmill Industry (EOS).

Some of our cooperation partners are listed below:

EOS - European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry

Founded in 1958, the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation representing the interests of the European sawmill sector at European and international level.  

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Deutscher Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e.V. (German Saw and Wood Industry Association) (DeSH)

Represents the interests of the German saw and wood industry at national, European and international level.  

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Landesbeirat Wald und Holz Thüringen e.V. (Regional Advisory Board for Forest and Wood Thuringia)

Promoting the use of wood from sustainable forestry and forestry as climate-friendly raw materials, materials, building materials and energy sources.

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Deutscher Holzwirtschaftsrat e.V. (German Timber Council)

Umbrella organisation of the German wood industry, which covers the entire value creation chain through membership of the leading associations in the wood industry. 

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Gesellschaft der Förderer und Freunde der Holzwissenschaft in Hamburg e.V. (Society of Promoters and Friends of Wood Science in Hamburg)

Consolidation of companies, associations and individuals who actively promote young academics in the timber industry.

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Rottenburg University of Forest Management (HFR)

State University of Applied Sciences with the aim of sustainable management in the use of natural resources.

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HolzProKlima Verband der Deutschen Holzwerkstoffndustrie e.V. (German Wood Materials Industry Association)

Representation of the technical, economic and technical interests of interior door manufacturers at national and international level.

Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnützige GmbH (Institute of Wood Technology Dresden)

Private and non-profit research institute in the field of scientific research in the field of wood technology. 

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Technical University of Munich

Among the best European universities with top performances in research and teaching, diversity and talent development.

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Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V. (Monitoring community for solid timber construction) 

Organisation of manufacturers of KVH®, Duobalken®/Triobalken® active in Germany, which is involved in the research and development of national and European standardisation. 

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wald-wird-mobil.de GmbH

Organisation committed to climate protection through sustainable forest management. 

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