One for all and all for one

We therefore take it for granted that people with and without disabilities should work together. 

Inclusion and participation


Inclusion and participation

At rettenmeier®, we see inclusion as an asset, so we work closely with Lebenshilfe (charitable association). Our common goal is to integrate people with disabilities into the labour market and thus enable them to live in society. This has been a complete success for us. We now employ a large number of people with disabilities and we intend to employ even more in the future. These employees are promoted and supported by appropriate individuals and are involved in our everyday work.


Occupational inclusion

Everyone has a right to work. Including people with severe disabilities. Consciously dealing with the diversity that people with disabilities offer us is important for the creation of our inclusive corporate culture.


Recognising potential

Many disabilities have no effect on the ability of the persons concerned. On the contrary: People with disabilities often have special potential and abilities that non-disabled people do not have - and we want to promote this.


Collaboration with Lebenshilfe

We have been working closely with Lebenshilfe for years. Nowadays, many employees of Lebenshilfe work for us - whether young, old, mentally, physically or psychologically  disabled - at rettenmeier® nobody is excluded.

Employees through Lebenshilfe

I really enjoy working at rettenmeier®. I am treated equally and care is always taken that I am not undervalued or discriminated against as a person with disabilities.