"Sustainability" - the term dominates all areas of our daily lives, but what does it actually mean - especially at rettenmeier®?



At rettenmeier®, we work with the natural raw material wood that has been available to humans for thousands of years. Technical progress and new requirements and uses have led to the development of an increasing number of timber products. The extremely increasing desire for natural and renewable wood as a raw material makes balancing the consumption and regrowth of the raw material so important - which is why we attach great importance to sustainable forestry.


Our daily commitment to climate protection

The CO2 extracted from the atmosphere is stored in our products for many decades. Consequently, our solid wood products are one of the most important natural CO2 storage systems (trees take the climate-damaging gas out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis as they need it for their growth). As a result, we are slowing down the increase in CO2 by using wood as a raw material and demonstrably reducing the greenhouse effect.


Sustainable forestry (PEFC)

We attach great importance to sustainable forestry. Our raw material comes almost exclusively from regional forests certified according to the PEFC standard. However, the required sustainability does not stop with the finished raw material, but extends over our entire product production.

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Biomass power plan

We operate biomass power plants in most of our sites, where we convert the remaining wood from our production into useful CO2-neutral heat. Part of this energy dries our timber, the rest of the heat is fed into the public grid - the community also benefits from our green thinking.

Green logistics

In order to relieve our roads and the environment while still transporting our goods to our customers on time and in perfect condition, we see great potential in rail transport, which we are continuously expanding.

We also want to promote the use of CO2-neutral fuels in our road transport.  

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fully integrated value chain

We are determined to make the best possible use of our wood and to extract as much as possible from every splinter. This enables us to save costs and energy and handle Mother Nature with care - because our raw material is important to us.

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