Rettenmeier Holding AG
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D-91634 Wilburgstetten

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Rettenmeier Holding AG is a leading innovative and market-oriented company in the wood processing industry with a comprehensive product range for trade, merchants and industry.

We are characterised by a sustainable and complete value added chain – starting from the tree all the way to a multitude of refined end products. This practice results from the values on which our self-image and operations are based. In addition to a focus on sustainability these centre around the requirements of our customers.


Our wood products meet the highest technical demands for quality and safety. Produced using the most modern machinery and plants they then pass through the factory-own production inspections and third party monitoring processes. Our strength lies in supplying our customers with reliably consistent and certified quality even for large production quantities.

Product competence

The know-how of our employees consists of first class product competence so that our customers can always rely on receiving flexible and individual system solutions. These are tailored precisely to their needs and requirements. Clarity during all order situations and comprehensive advice and customer care go without saying.


The future holds new requirements and developments which we are happy to face. As one of the leading manufacturers of quality wood products in Europe our own qualifications and long-standing experience motivate us in continually developing our range further and optimise it for the best customer benefit. We therefore constantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of our products.


Optimum consultation and customer care are amongst the highest demands we place on ourselves. With commitment, flexibility, fast response times and reliability we are there for our customers. We view their individual as well as exclusive requirements as a challenge for us to help us grow. Our aim is to generate long-term market partnerships from which both our partners and we can profit optimally – for example through our large product range and our logistics support.

Natural living

We want to generate healthy and natural living with the renewable raw material wood. For us this means that our customers can influence their living environment positively with our products: We offer a comprehensive range of solid wooden construction products meeting the requirements for a modern interior design.

For us this also means taking responsibility: We always obtain our wood from sustainable forestry. On these products our customers will find a clear identification providing the safety of an unambiguous identity of origin.