Rettenmeier Holding AG
Industriestraße 1
D-91634 Wilburgstetten

Tel.: +49 9853 338-0
Fax: +49 9853 338-100



As the umbrella company of the Rettenmeier group Rettenmeier Holding AG is a merger of all operating companies with the individual companies being strategically focused on precisely defined business areas. This is market-oriented by the three industries specialist trade, industry and "DIY".

Rettenmeier Holding AG

Board of management:

Dr. Stephan Lang

Supervisory board:

Bernhard Cordes (chairman)

Legal form:

Limited company


Municipal court Ansbach HRB 3398

VAT reg. number:


Administrative departments

Organisationally, Rettenmeier Holding AG includes the following central areas:

  • Controlling
  • Energy
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Organisation / IT
  • Personnel
  • Round timber purchasing
  • Technology / construction technology
  • International sales (market-oriented by divisions)
  • National sales (market-oriented by divisions)
  • Board of management
  • Payments
  • Central purchasing