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Sustainability in its general sense involves an element of balance. A balance between taking and giving. We place great emphasis on sustainability in the handling of our resources, both through a closed cycle in our value added chain and in the procurement and refinement of the raw material wood.

Resource management

Short transport distances to our production locations and the procurement of our raw materials from regional andsustainable forestry characterise our approach in handling the valuable resources of our planet. Sustainably managed forests are forest areas from which verifiably only as many trees are removed as regrow through natural forestry.

Energy recovery

Throughout the entire production process all off-products are recycled. In the power stations downstream of production regenerated energy from biomass is produced in this way. In this CO2-neutral process of energy recovery only as much CO2 is released as was absorbed from the atmosphere when the trees were growing.

Ecological balance

The careful and efficient use of resources is very dear to us. In a purposefully created ecological balance we check by way of material and energy flow analyses all relevant input and output variables. This contributes to a lower energy consumption in our factories.

Holz pro Klima

This initiative is supported by many renown associations and representatives within the German wood industry andprovides information about the numerous benefits of wood as a raw material, e.g. about the role of the natural resource as a store of CO2 or about the connection between the use of wood and climate protection. It also encourages a sustainable approach in using the valuable raw material. Of course, Rettenmeier also supports this unique campaign.

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To help our customers recognise product quality and product safety at first glance, our products guarantee their identity of origin by precise labelling and certification by internationally recognised institutes:

PEFCTM certificate:

The independent certification system ensures that wood and wood products originate verifiably from sustainably forestry.

FSC® certificate:

The independent charitable organisation views itself as part of the global community setting a standard for responsible forest management.