Rettenmeier Holding AG
Industriestraße 1
D-91634 Wilburgstetten

Tel.: +49 9853 338-0
Fax: +49 9853 338-100


Vision and Strategy

The Rettenmeier vision

We want to generate sustainable and value-oriented growth for the long term – through satisfied customers and employees, innovative ideas and consistent customer focus.

We want to achieve this by putting our excellently trained employees as our valuable capital in the foreground. We also want to offer our customers a comprehensive sales service beyond our wide product range. We thereby position our brand through its strong added value.

The Rettenmeier strategy

Our strategy aims at implementing the aims of our vision by expanding and focusing on our industry-optimised manufacturer brands. We offer the specialist trade, building and DIY merchants and industrial customers products and solutions tailored specifically to their needs and requirements. For each area a single leading manufacturer brand will be emphasised.

Our brand promises quality, service, performance, innovation and sustainability.