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Our products are extremely versatile depending on the area of application.

Holz Innenkonstruktion Trennwand aus Latten

DO IT WOOD®, construction timber


DO IT WOOD® | Construction timber

Our umbrella brand for high-quality indoor and outdoor applications. High-quality ranges of native woods, but exotic woods such as acacia or paulownia also complement a unique range of products. Naturally, all from sustainable and certified forestry.


Profiled timber and T&G timber


For wall cladding or solid wooden floors - our tongue and groove boards not only give you creative freedom in the realisation of your wood ideas, but also give you the opportunity to design areas as you wish using natural building materials. Attractive in appearance, it ensures a pleasant living environment and can be easily disposed of after modernisation. To meet your requirements for diverse product ranges in the wood sector - we have solutions for you.

Planed whitewood 


Our range of planed products is derived from the sawn products of our own sawmills in Germany, Latvia and Slovakia. This means that we have an answer for every qualitative and quantitative requirement and you can always be assured that everything comes from a single source.

Solid structural timber (KVH®) & glued laminated beams/timber (BSH)


Our rettenmeier ZUNFTHOLZ® is processed in accordance with DIN and the quality seal of the guild and manufactured for your application. Solid wood products not just for carpenters. They are sorted according to strength for load-bearing purposes in visible and invisible areas - the substructure for your requirements.

Whitewood, unplane


Unplaned products predominantly made of domestic woods. Construction timber products finely cut for your constructive implementation in the hobby sector. Would you like to realise your plan? Plan it with our timber products, from batten to beam, make it of wood, rettenmeier DO IT WOOD®.

Multi-purpose panels/formwork panels


As the name suggests, glued solid wood panels for versatile application in the hobby and craftsman sector. Designed for use in shell and scaffolding construction, formwork and covering. But can also be found in decorative and rustic furniture construction. Bring your ideas to life and shape them with our durable multi-purpose panels in various designs.



Our furniture panels are glulam. In particular, our glulam panels in spruce and pine are processed according to the rettenmeier DO IT WOOD® standard and manufactured for your application ideas in the DIY sector. Design your living space with our solid wood products, from rustic and natural to high-quality three-layer furniture panels, depending on the area of application. The products all originate from our own production facilities in Germany, Latvia and Slovakia. We use the best quality raw materials for every application. As always with us - everything from a single source - everything from rettenmeier®.


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Roland Deeg
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