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Sustainability is a top priority for us

D-07927 Hirschberg - Under the motto "#Sustainability is important to us", our trainees at the Hirschberg site collected trash together. They were supported by their mentor. Together they cleared the company grounds and adjacent public areas of garbage, setting a strong example for environmental protection.

rettenmeier®️ attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. We are proud of our trainees, who share our philosophy and actively support environmental protection. It is important to take responsibility and to stand up for the protection of our nature. The initiative of our trainees is therefore particularly commendable.

The trainees' action was positively received by employees and local residents. It is nice to see young people getting involved in environmental protection and being aware of their responsibility.

General safety instruction for our truck drivers

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Recently, the general safety training for our truck drivers took place at our headquarters in Wilburgstetten. Around 45 participants took part in the training, which covered various topics. In addition to the annual UVV safety instruction, which ensures compliance with accident prevention regulations, the drivers also received training on the truck telematics system from the manufacturer "Trimble".

The safety of employees and the vehicles they drive is a high priority at rettenmeier®️. With the training, we want to make sure that every driver is familiar with the latest safety policies and procedures to prevent accidents and injuries. We recognize our responsibility to our employees and the environment. That's why we invest a lot of time and resources in education and training to ensure the safety of our employees and the quality of our work. The training was well received by the participants.


Love goes through the stomach

D-07927 Hirschberg - The trainees at our Hirschberger site recently held a joint cooking event in the trainee lounge. Together with their mentor and instructors, they prepared burgers and fries and enjoyed the meal together. This is not only an opportunity to demonstrate the trainees' cooking skills, but also a chance to exchange ideas across all areas.

The event was a great success and the trainees enjoyed the meal and the opportunity to spend time with their colleagues. rettenmeier®️ regularly organizes a paid lunch for all trainees, showing not only that it supports its trainees but also that it pays attention to a pleasant working atmosphere and good togetherness.

Dubai Wood show 2023

AE-DU-Dubai - The Dubai Wood Show was a complete success for us as an exhibiting company. The fair took place in Dubai and was a complete success for rettenmeier®. 

Our booth and the products we offered were met with great interest by the visitors. The fair provided us with an excellent opportunity to present our products and to establish contacts with other companies and potential customers. We are now looking ahead, because the next trade fair date is already coming up. BAU 2023 in Munich is on the agenda and we are looking forward to presenting our products and rettenmeier® as a strong brand and reliable partner there as well.

Training fair in the Landstuhl town hall

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach - In March 2023, together with more than 35 other exhibitors and many motivated young people, rettenmeier® participated in the training fair in the Landstuhl town hall. The fair provided an ideal opportunity to learn about the various job profiles and training opportunities at rettenmeier®.

Visitors had the opportunity to learn about our training opportunities in the field of wood at our booth and to talk to our trainers and trainees. Our employees answered the visitors' questions and gave insights into our work processes and fields of activity.

The fair was a complete success and we were very pleased about the interest of the young people in our training opportunities.

A good deed every day

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Today we report on a special action at rettenmeier®️. Our employees had started a rescue operation on our factory premises in Wilburgstetten for an injured swan that had become entangled in our water catchment basin. When the team discovered the swan, they didn't hesitate for long and immediately did everything they could to save the frightened bird. With the help of nets and a self-made footbridge, the swan was carefully freed from the basin.

Our team then lovingly cared for the injured swan, which fortunately only had minor injuries. After recovering from its scare, it was taken to a nearby body of water where it was released safely and unharmed into the wild.

Every day a good deed is our motto and we are happy that we could help this beautiful swan.


New bridge over the river Vah

SK-03301 Liptovský Hrádok, Slovak Republic - In the fall of 2022, a bridge over the Vah River between Liptovský Hrádok and Liptovska Porubka needed urgent repair. The bridge was no longer passable. Thanks to the voluntary help of our employees, we were able to contribute to the reconstruction of the bridge.

As a company located near the village of Liptovska Porubka, we felt obliged to support the community in repairing the bridge. We donated materials and helped with the painting work. Individual volunteers took the time to contribute to the project, showing their commitment to making a positive impact on the community. 

We also supported the project with a monetary donation. The donation was used to purchase materials and tools to rebuild the bridge.

In addition, some of our employees live in the village of Liptovska Porubka, which makes their contribution even more personal. This was an additional incentive for them to volunteer their time and resources to the project.

Our CEO as speaker at the Finnish Sawmill Association

FL-Helsinki - In a speech to the Finnish Sawmill Association, Dr. Stephan Lang, CEO of rettenmeier®, spoke to over 400 attendees about the development prospects of the timber markets in Central Europe. The event took place live and online from the venue in Helsinki. 

In his speech, Dr. Lang talked about the challenges that the timber industry will have to face in the future. He emphasized that we are in a time of change and uncertainty, when it is important to remain flexible and responsive to customers' needs.

Dr. Lang also spoke about rettenmeier®'s role in the wood industry, emphasizing that the company strives to provide innovative solutions to meet customers' needs. He emphasized that it is important to invest even in difficult times in order to be successful in the long term.

Out of the lecture hall, into the wood industry

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Students of the Master's degree program in Forestry and Wood Sciences at the Technical University of Munich visited the most modern sawmill in Europe. They had the opportunity to accompany our valuable raw material from the log yard through the production process - a perfect combination of natural materials and modern technology.

The visit was a valuable opportunity for the students to experience first-hand how their academic studies can be put into practice. In addition, they were able to see the importance of the forestry and timber industry and how it is constantly evolving with new technological advances.

Overall, the experience was a perfect example of how academic knowledge can be combined with practical application to create a successful symbiosis between nature and modern technology. Students were able to witness the entire process from raw material to finished product, gaining a deeper understanding of the industry as a whole.

The visit was a great opportunity for students to break away from the usual classroom routine and immerse themselves in a real-world environment. It became clear how important hands-on learning is and how important it is to gain practical experience in your field of study.


Eichsfeld Holz visiting us

D-07927 Hirschberg - Our plant in Hirschberg was recently pleased to receive a visit from one of our major customers, Eichsfeld Holz. A total of 26 people were able to experience the production of our high-quality "ZUNFTHOLZ" products live during a factory tour and a subsequent delicious snack.

The visit was rounded off by a lecture by our plant manager, Mr. Lutz, who spoke about our products and the relevant DIN standards. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to present our production processes and the quality of our products and to get in touch with our valued customers.

During the tour, our visitors were able to see our state-of-the-art production facilities, including our advanced machinery and qualified staff. They were able to see firsthand the passion and care with which we manufacture each and every product. Our visitors also had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our products, which helped them better understand our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank Eichsfeld Holz for visiting our factory and for their continued trust and loyalty to our products. It was an honor to have them as our guests and to showcase our commitment to excellence. We look forward to future opportunities to connect with our valued customers and partners.

Career orientation fair in Zeulenroda-Triebes

D-07927 Hirschberg - We were represented as exhibitors at the career orientation fair in Zeulenroda-Triebes. The fair took place in the town hall and attracted numerous visitors who wanted to find out about various occupational fields and training opportunities.

Our stand was well attended and we were able to hold many interesting discussions. We were able to give visitors an insight into our working world and our current trainees were also available to answer questions. In addition to our booth, there were many other exhibitors from various industries and fields. The fair was also a good opportunity for schools to inform their students about possible professions and career paths.

Company Maag wood and construction at rettenmeier®️

D-07927 Hirschberg - At the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure of welcoming the company Maag Holz und Bau to our plant in Hirschberg. The whole team including the owner Johannes Maag visited our ZUNFTHOLZ®️ site to see our modern production facilities. Under the guidance of our plant manager Mr. Bähr and our site manager Mr. Lutz, the group was able to experience the production process from raw material to finished product up close.

During the tour, our visitors were able to see our state-of-the-art machinery in action and learn more about the quality control measures we use to ensure the production of our high-quality ZUNFTHOLZ®️ products. Our team was happy to answer any questions and share their expertise with our valued partners.

We also made sure that our visitors had delicious food and refreshments to make their visit an enjoyable experience. It was a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with Maag Holz und Bau and to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Christmas Party

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  The days 2022 are counted and thus took place to the end of the year - shortly before Christmas - our Christmas celebration in cosy round. Our employees were able to enjoy the romantic Christmas market atmosphere, be fed by the FFW Wilburgstetten / Mönchsroth and toast with mulled wine and much more to a successful year 2022. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2023.

Anniversary ceremony 2022

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  An anniversary is always something very special. Towards the end of the year it is time to celebrate our jubilarians in Wilburgstetten properly. At this year's honor celebration in Wörnitzstuben, not only our 2022 jubilarians were dignified celebrated, but also all the jubilarians that we corona-conditioned the last years could not celebrate. Congratulations and many thanks! Here's to many more years together at rettenmeier®.

Trainee-Christmas Party

D-91634 Wilburgstetten / D-07927 Hirschberg -  Our trainee Christmas party this year was a great success. With punch and gingerbread, we exchanged our scrap gifts on the core theme of wood. Afterwards, we watched a Christmas movie together in the trainee lounge and ate pizza. What more could you wish for?



D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  Holy night - burning light. Suddenly it's December, before you know it Christmas Eve is approaching and soon the Christmas season will be over. Hectic, stress and sensory overload: Finishing projects, visiting grandma, Christmas parties, baking cookies, buying presents: Usually, the time before Christmas causes a lot of stress.

That's why rettenmeier® is already offering Christmas presents. With our Advent calendar, we want to sweeten this hectic time for our customers and employees and bring a bit of anticipation and contemplation into the pre-Christmas period. We wish you a wonderful Advent season.

BAU 2023 - We are in!

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - In about half a year the BAU 2023 will take place in Munich.

We are optimistic that the BAU can take place next year and we look forward to welcoming our customers at our stand. After a four-year break, it's simply time to meet again in person in Munich and exchange ideas about trends and developments. The key themes of the BAU 2023 will be: Challenge of climate change, Digital transformation, Homes of the future, Resources & recycling. 17.-22.04.2023, Messe Munich, Hall B5 | Booth 311. We are looking forward to seeing you!

8th grade on a visit in Ramstein-Miesenbach

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach -  The students of the 8th grade, Realschule were visiting Ramstein-Miesenbach. During the tour of our site, they were able to experience our valuable raw material wood up close and accompany it from the log yard through production to zero-waste processing to our ENERGY WOOD pellets. 100% value creation + 100% appreciation. Out of the classroom, into the wood industry.

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trainee excursion

D-97070 Würzburg -  Our cross-location trainee trip was a complete success. The trainees from all locations met in Würzburg to play laser tag, eat burgers and had a lot of fun - an all-round successful trainee excursion.


30 years Rettenmeier Holzindustrie Hirschberg

D-07927 Hirschberg -  30 years! If that is not a reason to celebrate! A time full of challenges and beautiful memories was toasted in the Hirschberg culture center with the employees and families. Our anniversaries were also celebrated: 10 and 25 years of service is a reason to celebrate. Cheers to rettenmeier®️ Hirschberg!



trainee fairs

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  At a total of 3 apprenticeship fairs, students from the region were able to take a look at our great apprenticeships and study opportunities, as well as our cool and rewarding training program!

  • CONTACT training fair in the triple gymnasium in Dinkelsbühl
  • Orientation fair "Training & Career" in Feuchtwangen
  • Career path compass 2022 in Harburg


2nd place in the company pentathlon in Slovakia

SK-03301 Liptovský Hrádok, Slowakische Republik -  Congratulations to the rettenmeier® team at the Tatra Timber site in Slovakia! In the best weather, our colleagues took part in the sports days of the city of Liptovský Hrádok and won second place in the company pentathlon!

Trainee lounge

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  Our trainee lounge is ready and offers everything the trainee heart desires. From the dining area, a comfortable sofa corner, two ergonomic workstations, a foosball table, a dartboard, and much more. This is the place to be as a trainee!

rettenmeier® Offsite

D-74597 Stimpfach-Rechenberg - Our managers have optimized themselves. At our first rettenmeier® offsite at the Hotel Rössle Rechenberg. Our executives were able to gather and exchange new input and impulses for thought for 2 days.

introductory days

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Official start for our new trainees. On a total of 3 days at our headquarters in Wilburgstetten and in the hostel next door. Our trainees not only got to know each other, but also received some training on our wonderful raw material, our great products, safety instructions, the company doctor was there, a plant tour and much more. Welcome to the team!


Another reason to celebrate!

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  Our seedlings have grown into a tree. We were able to celebrate the successful completion of the final exam by our former trainees. In the Grafenmichelhof, together with our board member Dr. Stephan Lang and the proud trainers toasted the former trainees. Across locations, we were able to take on 10 former trainees as permanent rescue Meier employees this year.

Hip hip hooray!

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  Hip hip hooray! We were allowed to toast to 1 × 50 years and 2 × 40 years today. Congratulations to the jubilarians and many thanks for the loyal cooperation. Picture (from left): Roland Deeg, Ingrid Schweininger, Ilse Lindenmeier and our board member Dr. Stephen Lang.


Cycle path Wilburgstetten

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Bike tour from Dinkelsbühl to Wilburgstetten with the best view over rettenmeier® - we decorated our fence along the bike path.

150th anniversary of the FFW Wilburgstetten

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - From July 8 to 10, the FFW Wilburgstetten with our CEO Dr. Stephan Lang as patron welcomed numerous fire departments and citizens from the region to the big 150th anniversary.


Azubi for Azubi

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  We had our first "Azubi for Azubi" meeting with lunch together at our site in Wilburgstetten. 

With our "Azubi for Azubi" program, we give our trainees the opportunity to actively shape their training themselves - be it with trainee excursions, the organization of training fairs, the implementation of our trainee lounge, and much more. In addition, we want to strengthen the interdepartmental cohesion of our trainees and lay the foundation for a strong rettenmeier® future. 


Factory tour rettenmeier ZUNFTHOLZ®

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Factory tour rettenmeier ZUNFTHOLZ® for the study course Civil Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

During the tour of our highly flexible production facility in Hirschberg, the students were able to experience the fascination of wood up close and accompany our valuable raw material from the log yard through production. Everything is possible here - even mixed KVH/BSH packages from batch size 1.

Factory tour for the forestry training center in Königsbronn (ForstBW AöR)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - During the tour of Europe's most modern sawmill, the trainees were able to experience the fascination of wood up close and accompany our valuable raw material from the log yard through production.

150 years of FFW Wilburgstetten - ready to come!

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  With the T-shirts for the upcoming fire brigade parades and the dirndls for the fire brigade festival – sponsored by rettenmeier® – the festival ladies of the Wilburgstetten fire brigade are now optimally equipped for all upcoming celebrations. We wish you a lot of fun at the upcoming fire brigade parades and look forward to the big fire brigade festival in Wilburgstetten - with our CEO as patron.

forest and woodland owners at rettenmeier®

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  We had the pleasure of welcoming some major forest and woodland owners to Europe's most modern sawmill in Wilburgstetten. They were able to accompany the raw material wood, which has been growing in their forests for decades, through our resource-saving value chain.

sawmill tour

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  The students of the wood industry course at the Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences were on a visit. During the tour of Europe's most modern sawmill, they were able to experience the fascination of wood up close and accompany our valuable raw material from the log yard through production - the perfect symbiosis of natural material and modern technology.


Log yard optimization

D-91634 Wilburgstetten -  Our log yard in Wilburgstetten has been optimized. We exchanged our old Valon Kone debarker for a new VK 8000HD system with reduction and debarking rotor. This enables us to debark logs with a diameter of up to 70 cm.


Climate protection at rettenmeier®

rettenmeier® - Climate protection starts with each individual - including us!

Because sustainability has always been part of our DNA, we are constantly trying to implement further improvements for the future. We have continuously improved our energy and resource efficiency over the past decades. With the Climate Protection Wood Industry Initiative, we now regularly review our CO₂ emissions in order to reduce them wherever possible.

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Let’s go shopping

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach -  With this great view gladly, or? rettenmeier accompanies you from now on with your shopping in Ramstein.


NEU duale Studiengänge

rettenmeier® - Theory at university, practice at rettenmeier®! A dual study program with us is the perfect first career step for all those who cannot decide between training and studying after graduating from school. With our dual study programs, both are possible!

Our new dual study concept is the perfect combination of a scientific study and a practical training at rettenmeier®

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neues Azubi-Programm

rettenmeier® - With our "new apprentice program" we want to promote our junior staff from now on and also ensure that we sustainably get enough rettenmeier® seedlings.

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Sorting plant

D-07927 Hirschberg - The SPRINGER company has completed the first phase at our Hirschberg site: A sorting system, which today runs at a maximum of 180 boards per minute. 

The second installation phase will now include a planer bypass, as well as a fully automated packaging system, including an ED3000 wrapper and robotic labeling.


Optimization of our log yard

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - More trouble-free, faster, gentler - we optimize our log yard in Wilburgstetten.

With our new root reducers WRP-STAR from Baljer-Zembrod, we not only increase the output at our logyard, but can also transport our log cuttings through the plant more gently, which protects our precious raw material from damage.

Our log train in Wilburgstetten was also extended and now has a total length of 350 meters. With now a total of 118 boxes for sorting our logs, we are optimally equipped to make our production processes even more resource-efficient.


Fire-fighting support vehicle LUF 60

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - 

On October 13, the fire-fighting support vehicle LUF 60 was demonstrated to the neighboring districts on our factory premises in Wilburgstetten. The fire-fighting robot LUF 60 is the ideal vehicle for operations where normal strategies are difficult to implement. Thanks to its remote control, it can reach the source of the fire directly, even under the most difficult circumstances.

From up to 2,400 liters of water/min., the extinguishing robot generates a nebulized water jet that can be thrown up to 60 meters. The throwing distance of foam is approx. 35 meters.

new benches LIMESEUM Ruffenhofen

D-91749 Wittelshofen - We donated wood for the new resting facilities of the LIMESEUM in the Ruffenhofen Roman Park in the district of Ansbach. The old benches in the Roman Park were getting on in years and had to be replaced. The new benches will now be prepared during the winter and next year - provided with a saying - will invite visitors to take a short break and pause.


CONTACT Wassertrüdingen training fair

D-91717 Wassertrüdingen - On September 28, we were represented at the CONTACT training fair in Wassertrüdingen and wanted to help all students with one of the most important decisions in life - "What should be the next career step after school?" - help. 

Are you about to graduate from school and wondering what to do next? Perfect - We are constantly looking for young seedlings who are motivated to grow with us. We promote young talents who are just as enthusiastic about wood as we are. This is how we create the basis for many successful years together at rettenmeier®. 

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Florian Bilic visiting

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach - In mid-September, Florian Bilic, the CDU's nominated candidate in the electoral district 210 (county of Southwest Palatinate, parts of the county of Kaiserslautern and the independent cities of Pirmasens and Zweibrücken) was our guest in Ramstein.

Together with our CEO, Stephan Lang, he discussed the challenge for forestry and wood in the coming years and was impressed by the dimensions of our Ramstein site.

Rettenmeier is investing in growth, resource efficiency and new jobs in the Baltics.

With an investment program at its own site in Incukalns (Latvia), the Rettenmeier Group will significantly expand the plant over the next few years, increase the depth of added value  and create more jobs.

During 2022, a new log yard and a new sawing line with a capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters per year each will be installed, followed by two new sorting lines at the beginning of 2023 and a new planing line with an annual output over 250.000 m³ in 2024.

The main focus of the entire investment and the future alignment of the company is to increase resource efficiency with higher yield, productivity and added value of the raw material at substantial improved energy balance. Taking ecological aspects into account, the company's complete vehicle fleet will be switched to electromobility wherever possible within the investment time frame. Energy recovery in the construction of the new buildings will be one of the key considerations. Moreover, the plant will be connected to both, the European and Russian railway networks in order to shift considerable parts of the freight transport towards the rail in the future.

We have new seedlings

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Also this year we were allowed to receive our new trainees (seedlings) on September 1, 2021. The new trainees were allowed to gather first impressions during their introduction week and received both a safety briefing and a first aid course.

Our board member Dr. Stephan Lang and our personnel manager Mrs. Lindenmeier welcomed them ceremoniously. In the course of this, our former trainees were also given a ceremonial farewell, congratulated and presented with gifts. All our former trainees were taken on and are now an integral part of rettenmeier®.



Employee event

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - After the ceremonial inauguration of our new sawmill, our employee event took place on August 28, 2021. Our employees were able to visit the new sawmill with their families while enjoying food and drink, win great prizes in our raffle, or experience the creation of the sawmill in a film presentation. The little visitors did not miss out either. 

Thanks to all the active helpers who contributed to the success of the inauguration events. 

Inauguration of Europe's most modern sawmill

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - On August 26, 2021, Forestry Minister Michaela Kaniber officially opened our new sawmill on behalf of Bavaria's Minister President Dr. Markus Söder - due to Corona, a ceremonial inauguration was only possible now.

"Today we have the pleasure of jointly opening the most modern sawmill in Europe here in Wilburgstetten. A sawmill that, above all, combines resource efficiency with innovation and progress. I think this is something to be proud of - we as the Bavarian state government certainly are, and we can also take this opportunity to congratulate you wholeheartedly," Kaniber said in her speech. "The use of wood is active climate protection," she said. This makes us at rettenmeier very proud and we thank Michaela Kaniber for the great words.


Member of the Bundestag visits the new sawmill

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - On July 28, 2021, Artur Auernhammer, member of the German Bundestag, visited our Europe's most modern sawmill. Together with Julia Möbus (Managing Director DeSH) and our CEO Dr. Stephan Lang, the trio exchanged views on the situation on the timber market. Finally, a sawmill tour took place, during which Artur Auernhammer was enthusiastic about our new high-performance saw line. 

You can find more information about this visit in the DeSH press release: 

Vaccination #2 done

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Many of our employees have now been vaccinated for the second time and thus have almost complete vaccination protection. Many thanks to our company doctor Dr. med. Martin Pfitzner and his team for the flawless procedure.

Of course, the vaccination at rettenmeier® is 100% voluntary and all our protective measures introduced at the beginning of the pandemic are still in place at all locations. For us, the health and well-being of our employees is our top priority!


The kestrel offspring is loose!

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - On June 10, we found a small kestrel at our site in Wilburgstetten. In order to bring the cute little feathered ball from our premises and our factory traffic in safety we brought it to Andreas Ritz in the Greifvogel-Aufangstation Mittelfranken e.V. in Unteroestheim. There our little feathery friend will be fed up a bit until he can return to his natural habitat on his own. Thank you for your help and we wish the little bird a good new start into a free and wild life.

Vaccination campaign at rettenmeier®

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - We at rettenmeier® also want to make our contribution to the vaccination campaign in Germany. As one of the first enterprises at all in Germany we will make an inoculation offer to our coworkers. The infrastructure is available, our company doctor is ready and already today the first vaccinations were started. In this way, we are not only protecting ourselves - but also others!

Of course, vaccination at rettenmeier® is 100% voluntary and all our protective measures introduced at the beginning of the pandemic are still in place at all locations. For us, the health and well-being of our employees is our top priority!


rettenmeier® from the plane

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - We received this beautiful aerial view of our Wilburstetten site from Kurt Kochler. Dear Kurt, thank you very much for the great current view from above!


First log at the new sawmill in Wilburgstetten

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - BREAKING NEWS: The first trunk ran on the new line on April 15, 2021. Trial run underway! Milestone in the new rettenmeier® sawmill at the Wilburgstetten site.

Daily work

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Everyday work at rettenmeier® in Wilburgstetten - not much more to say!


new DIY assortment catalog

Our new DIY range catalog is ready - Just in time for the 2021 gardening season. 88 pages filled with our comprehensive range of services - from our rettenmeier® classic products to our product innovations, our new catalog provides a comprehensive picture - naturally in the usual rettenmeier® premium quality.

new planing line in Ramstein

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach - The new planing line in Ramstein is about to be commissioned! With an additional capacity of approx. 120,000 m³ planed timber p.a. our planing capacity in Ramstein will increase to more than 300,000 m³ annual output. Our main product range in Ramstein remains the classic "wood in the garden" range for the European DIY sector. This year we will produce over 200,000 m³ of decking boards in Douglas fir and larch and are looking forward to the garden season 2021!


Construction sites UPDATE (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Our camera has been in operation for over a year now - in all weathers. From the mast opposite our construction site, it records the progress of the NEW rettenmeier® sawmill at the Wilburgstetten site day and night, several times a day. Since the groundbreaking ceremony on 01.03.2020, a lot has happened on our construction site. 100,000 cubic meters of soil excavation had been completed by May. This was followed by civil engineering and building construction on a total of 8 hectares of additional operating area! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this. And to everyone else: All the nicer that you can participate in the construction progress via time-lapse. Watch the film!

>> Youtube


The rettenmeier® winter wonderland from the air (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - On a total of 62 hectares, we produce over 800,000 m³ of sawn and planed timber here. As the largest European wood supplier in the DIY sector, we sell a large part of our products to large and small DIY chains throughout Europe. From Spain to Norway, from France to Romania. Everywhere you can find wood from rettenmeier® in the DIY stores of Europe and now also the USA. That makes us mighty proud!

And there is also a lot going on at our construction site: the new construction and expansion is progressing. Slowly everything can be seen. We are already very excited - see for yourself

>> Youtube

Rettenmeier BSH Guildwood® (Hirschberg)

The final spurt begins - In Hirschberg, our BSH project is entering the home stretch! The construction site is making enormous progress. Already in April, the plant will go into trial operation. We are looking forward to our rettenmeier BSH Zunftholz®!

The new year starts GIGAntisch (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - Premiere for us and the whole region. The Gigawood is here!

The six-axle, combined electric and diesel locomotive (5 MW electric + 2.7 MW diesel) brought us almost 2600 FM of round timber today. With a length of almost 700 meters and a weight of almost 3000 tons, this is the longest and heaviest train at rettenmeier® in Wilburgstetten so far. The wagons are of the new type "Gigawood". The loading capacity could be increased by 50 % and the loading time could be reduced because, for example, tension belts are no longer necessary. The Gigawood will enter Wilburgstetten around 50 times in 2021. In this way, we are supplying our plant sustainably and shifting shipments from road to rail in an environmentally friendly way.


NEW Sennebogen (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - We move, process and handle a lot of wood every year at our 6 European sites. In 2021, this will be more than 3 million FM. Among other things, we rely on our Sennebogen wood handling machines for this. Since this week, a new SENNEBOGEN 735 E with trailer has been making its rounds at our company headquarters in Wilburgstetten and is already running in for our new sawmill. We have invested in a total of 7 new wood handling machines in the rettenmeier® group for 2021. The new year can begin.

rettenmeier® guild timber BSH - construction site on track (Hirschberg)

D-07927 Hirschberg - The hall stands, the roof is already in the completion and also the first plants are installed!

The first Svetruck of the Rettenmeier Group (Inčukalns, Latvia)

LV-2141 Inčukalns, Lettland - Today the first Svetruck arrived at the Rettenmeier Group. The Svetruck type 1260 is in operation at our Latvian plant at Rettenmeier Baltic Timber. We are excited about its performance!

The first detail pictures

D-91634 Wilburgstetten


  • Linck VM 50 profile flaker line with a capacity of 1.2 million FM
  • 3 highly automated Springer sorting lines with 220 machine cycles/minute, designed for 620,000 m³ main and side goods and 320,000 m³ secondary sorting
  • 2 Mahild contraflow channel dryers with package-length-independent charging, fully automatic throughput operation and a total annual capacity of 400,000 m3 p.a.


Ramstein at a glance

D-66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach


  • Ramstein is located in the Palatinate Forest, the largest contiguous forest area in Germany, which is mainly characterized by redwoods.
  • Spruce, pine, Douglas fir, larch, in three, four and five meters: we cut 4 types of wood in 3 different lengths in Ramstein, more wood types than at any other location.
  • Douglas fir is the main tree species with almost 300,000 FM, making our Ramstein plant probably the largest "Douglas fir sawmill" in Germany.
  • On our planing lines we produce more than 100,000 cbm of garden timber per year, mainly decking boards, supplying DIY stores all over Europe.
  • In 2021, our 2nd pellet plant in the rettenmeier group will be built at the Ramstein site with a capacity of 120,000 to/p.a.

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The most modern large sawmill in Europe (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten


  • Linck VM 50 profile flaker line with a capacity of 1.2 million FM
  • 3 highly automated Springer sorting lines with 220 machine cycles/minute, designed for 620,000 m³ main and side goods and 320,000 m³ secondary sorting
  • 2 Mahild contraflow channel dryers with package-length-independent charging, fully automatic throughput operation and a total annual capacity of 400,000 m3 p.a.

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New rettenmeier® homepage

The time has come: Our new homepage is online and shines in new splendor!
In a modern design, with freshly prepared content and of course adaptable to all devices - whether PC, tablet or smartphone - our new website is now online. 
We hope you enjoy discovering our relaunched website.

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest - social media has long been part of modern corporate communication. We are also active now and inform you about news, practical tips and interesting facts. Just follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to be regularly provided with news, tips and tricks on rettenmeier®.


Film at rettenmeier® (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - From Wilburgstetten into the wide world - with our short film we offer you a brief insight into our headquarters in the district of Ansbach in Middle Franconia - anytime, anywhere and in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Slowly and quietly, the camera maneuvers over and through our factory premises and offers you an insight into our production process. A 2-minute film was shot by the company FTL-Mediaconsulting, which gives a short insight behind the scenes of our company headquarters in Wilburgstetten - rettenmeier® one of the leading manufacturers of solid wood products in Europe.



New seedlings (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - On September 1, 2020, a new phase of life began for nine young people who decided to train at rettenmeier® in Wilburgstetten after finishing school. Our CEO Dr. Stephan Lang, together with our HR manager Ms. Lindenmeier, welcomed nine motivated and good-humored trainees to our headquarters in Wilburgstetten this year. During their first introductory week, the nine new trainees got their first insights into the different areas of rettenmeier® and got to know their new colleagues.

Farewell to former trainees (Wilburgstetten)

D-91634 Wilburgstetten - All of our eight former trainees were able to complete their training this year on schedule and despite difficult COVID-19 conditions, and were duly congratulated and presented with gifts by our Board of Management at a festive farewell ceremony. Our former trainees were taken on by us and are now an integral part of our rettenmeier® family.