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Our website now has a shiny new look. In addition to the fresh design and improved functions, the face of the new rettenmeier® website is characterised above all by a higher level of user-friendliness.

In order to give the website a fresh and contemporary appearance, we completely reworked the design and adapted it to its corporate identity. Navigation is now also more user-friendly. With a clear structure, you will now be guided through the individual areas. We would like to facilitate an enjoyable visit where you can quickly and intuitively find the content relevant to you. Numerous references to related content guide you efficiently and informatively through our online presence.

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – social media has long been part of modern corporate communication. By integrating social media, we offer you an improved service and meet the needs of modern communication. We are now also active and will inform you about news, practical tips and interesting facts. Simply follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to be regularly updated with news, tips and tricks from rettenmeier®.

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