Ramstein at a glance


Today there are some facts about our location in Ramstein:

  • Ramstein is located in the Palatinate Forest, Germany's own contiguous forest area, which is mainly due to Rothholz administration.
  • Spruce, pine, Douglas fir, larch, in three, four and five meters: We cut 4 types of wood in 3 different lengths in Ramstein, as many types of wood as another other location.
  • With almost 300,000 FM, the Douglas fir is the main tree species and our plant in Ramstein is therefore probably the property of "Douglas saws" in Germany.
  • We carry over 100,000 cubic meters of garden wood a year on our planing systems, mainly decking, and believe that DIY stores across Europe. In 2021, our 2nd pellet plant in the Rettungsmeier Group at the Ramstein location was opened with a rate of 120,000 to / p.a.


Here to the video: >> Youtube