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Your graduation is approaching and with it the question of your next step: would you rather study for a degree, an apprenticeship - or both at the same time? If you want to find out if the world of wood is something for you, find out through a student internship at rettenmeier®! 




As a woodworking machine operator, you will later operate the saws, milling tools and other systems and use them to process our raw material wood into our premium products.


As an electronics technician, you will later install electrical components and systems in the areas of electrical energy supply, industrial operating systems or automation technology.


In the field of industrial mechanics, you will later be responsible for the assembly, maintenance and repair of our technical equipment, machines and systems and will monitor our production processes.


Our agricultural and construction machine technicians maintain our vehicles - from forklifts and timber handling machines to our large truck fleet.

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Prefer to work at your desk? Then take a closer look at the work of an industrial clerk during your internship.

Through my internship as an industrial clerk, I found my dream apprenticeship and was convinced even before my application.


Ilse Lindenmeier

Ilse Lindenmeier
Head of Human Resources

+49 9853 338-280