We are always looking for...

young seedlings who are motivated to grow with us and share our passion for the natural raw material wood.

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We'll help you grow


Let's get started! - Start your apprenticeship at rettenmeier®

Are you about to graduate from school and are wondering what to do? Perfect - We are always looking for young seedlings who are keen to grow with us. We promote young talent with an enthusiasm for wood that matches ours. This creates the basis for many successful years together at rettenmeier®.


In forestry, a seedling is a young plant that is encouraged to grow in its environment and form deep roots - just like our apprentices. We give you the opportunity to learn all the skills and abilities of the corresponding professional image - in theory and practice - and still give you sufficient freedom to develop yourself. Our apprentices grow into strong and deep-rooted rettenmeier ® trees.



Great work

Working with the most beautiful raw material in the world, as well as interesting and varied tasks.


Performance-based pay

Of course, our apprentices are also remunerated in a performance-based manner.


Excellent opportunities for a permanent position

Our first-class apprentices naturally also have excellent opportunities for a permanent position and good prospects for the future in a crisis-proof industry.


Intensive mentoring

We support and promote you - both professionally and personally - to help you achieve your potential



Only healthy and happy seedlings can also grow - which is why we create optimal conditions such as free drinking water and coffee.



We support you through individual training and support you in preparing for the final exam.



You can make a big difference with us - while unlocking your potential and developing our rettenmeier® group of companies.


rettenmeier® offers a great deal for apprentices and always has an open ear if you have a problem. You will feel very happy there and receive great training, which will prepare you very well for your working life in the DIY store sales department.


Recruitment test


Have you already applied and received an invitation to the recruitment test? Then go to the recruitment test here.

We wish you every success!