Our rettenmeier® softwood wood briquettes are made from wood chips and sawdust produced during production. These are compressed at high pressure, whereby the hollowed pulp lignin acts as a natural binder. The use of chemical binders is therefore not necessary. Wood briquettes provide cosy warmth and at the same time are an ecological fuel from renewable resources. In this way, you also contribute to environmental protection at the same time, as the biomass burns carbon-neutral with a low incidence of ash (approx. 0.5%). Other advantages of our rettenmeier® wood briquettes are the long burning time with a calorific value of approx. 19 MJ/kg (approx. 5.3 kWh/kg).


Our wooden briquettes are tested annually in accordance with the requirements of DIN CERTCO. The DIN CERTCO certificate guarantees compliance with the normative requirements for biogenic solid fuels at European level.  All laboratory tests are carried out by an independent testing body on the basis of standardised test methods.